Brand New in-car Security Products

   With in car-security becoming more and more of an issue we at Cellular Specialists did our research and have the solution.

We have an in-car security solution that offers robust, clean look combined with all features you need from a security system

  • Single or Dual input for maximum coverage
  • External Hard Drive for maximum hours of recording
  • SOS panic button
  • GPS locator for exact positioning

This product has undergone extensive development to comply with NZTA requirement for the Taxi Industry and is now ready to be implemented around NZ.

This solution is also perfect for recording events like accidents and can assist the insurance companies to determine who is at fault - check with your insurance company - you may be missing out on a rebate if you don't have one of these installed!

For more info call 0800-227548

Government confirms new cell phone rule

hands freeFrom November 1 2009 it is against the road rules for drivers to text or talk on a handheld cell phone while driving.

The change is part of the Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule and will see drivers using handheld mobile phones receive an infringement notice consisting of an $80 fine and 20 demerit points.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce says that driver distraction - particularly through the use of cell phones - is a real issue on our roads. "There are a lot of other distractions while driving but handheld mobile phone use has grown to become a significant problem. The reality is we need to send a strong signal to all road users that it's not on.

"Texting and driving, in particular, is a total no brainer."

Drivers are still able to use hands free car kit devices and two-way radio under the ban. There is also be an exemption for 111 calls made for genuine emergencies.

Mr. Joyce says allowing hands free car kits recognises that many business and trades people depend on being available on their cell phones for their livelihood, and that hands free phones are less distracting to operate than handheld phones.



Q & A

Q. Why do I need a Hands Free Car Kit?

A. well, it is obvious you have not had the pleasure of using one! A good Car Kit will provide you with comfortable and easy way to have phone conversations with your customers, collegues or friends! With superior quality and ease of use, you will be able to enjoy long conversations safely while driving, or even while parked - without having to hold the phone to your ear!

Q. How much does an installed Hands free Car Kit cost?

A. Installed hands free Car Kit starts from as low as $300 + gst to provide you with the convenience of a superb audio quality and convenience of having a productive call in your car - Do not miss those opportunities! We have soultions for all instances - call us now for details! 

Q. How long does it take to install a hands free system?

A. We allow up to 2 hours for a Standard installation. We offer a mobile service and can arrange to visit your home or office, saving you time and money.


Q. What is a “Hands Free car kit”?

A. With Hands Free Car Kits, you can use your cell phone in your car without taking your hands off the wheel, or your eyes  off the road. These days they predominantly use bluetooth (a wireless connection) to pair with your phone. Click here for services page to learn more.