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ESCORT 9500 ci
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ESCORT 9500 ci
Item code escort9500ci

The PASSPORT 9500ci is completely undetectable to all radar detector detectors, keeping you unseen and unnoticed. Crystal-Clear Voice Alerts, Speed Alert™, Safety Warning System and its stealth installation make the PASSPORT 9500ci the ultimate in discreet protection.

The PASSPORT 9500ci comes complete with owner's manual and installation guide, separate miniature controller and text display, front-mounted radar receiver, twin front-mounted laser receivers/shifters, rear license plate mounted laser receiver/shifter, 12-volt interface module, GPS antenna, 12-volt amplified speaker, display bezel, bi-color LED, and all mounting hardware. There is nothing else like it.



Ultimate in custom-installed discreet protection

Precise Laser Shifting Technology* - 360 degree protection

Blistering All-Band Radar Protection

Completely undetectable to all Detector Detector Scanners

New Variable-Speed Radar Performance

New AutoLearn Feature

New GPS-Powered Truelock™ Filter

New Mark Location Features

New Adaptive Signal Processing

New Speed Alert™

New Crystal-Clear Voice Alerts
Database Compatible (Safety Cameras)  
User-Selectable Preferences

High-Resolution Brilliant Blue Display

5 Levels of Brightness Control

Mute, AutoMute & SmartMute

Safety Warning System - 60 specific safety messages

Installation not included, please call 0800 CAR KIT (227 548), to get an installation price suited to your vehicle. 

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